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SAMSN’s Stronger podcast 

What does it take to grow stronger than your past? 

STRONGER shares the stories of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, their families and allies as they reflect on their personal and professional journeys. 

Featuring: Janet, Missy, Tracy, Louise, Matthew O, Sheridan, Raelene Boxwell 

Listen to the STRONGER podcast and download transcripts here.


There are a number of excellent books specifically written to assist men who have experienced child sexual abuse or sexual assault, their partners, friends, family and agency professionals. Reading can be a safe and accessible way of obtaining information about what can be helpful in understanding and overcoming the effects of sexual assault. Reading about other men’s experiences can help relieve the sense of isolation and give hope and ideas for action you might take or how someone might assist you. 

Remember to take care when reading 

Please remember to prioritise your own well being when reading books that deal with the topic of child sexual abuse or sexual assault. We invite you to: 

  • Be aware of what your purpose is in taking time to read what is recounted. 
  • Be aware of how you are feeling prior to, during and after reading a man’s personal story. 
  • Be aware of the choices you have in relation to the meaning and use you make of what was written. 

Below are some questions that you might wish to consider whilst reading: 

  • What was it that you noticed? – What caught your attention? – How come? 
  • Did some element of these personal accounts connect with aspects of your own life experience? 
  • Reflecting on what is written, what would you like to remember and keep with you? 
  • How might what is written become useful for you in your life? 

Don’t forget, you can stop reading at any time, book mark a page, and leave it to come back to later. Also, no book can cover everything a man who has survived child sexual abuse or sexual assault will experience, every person has their own story to tell. 

Useful apps

The Emergency App

Developed by Australia’s emergency services and their government and industry partners. The app uses GPS functionality to help Triple Zero (000) callers provide critical location details.

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A suicide safety planning app. Convenient and confidential, this app puts your safety plan in your pocket so you can access and edit it at any time.

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Watch Over Me

Similar to bSafe where you can set it up to track your location for a period of time until you reach your intended destination. If you don’t confirm your safety by the time allocated, the app contacts your designated friends with your GPS location. Shaking your phone can also trigger an alert

Reach Out Worry Time

Helps manage anxiety by confining worry to a specific time each day.

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Living Well

Is specifically designed to assist men who have been sexually abused in childhood and is designed to complement not replace the work of a qualified health professional.