Mental wellbeing

Managing emotions

Emotions are part of our everyday life. We are all born with a capacity to experience and express a wide range of emotions. The below information is designed to assist in better understanding and managing emotions and living an emotionally engaged life.

Grounding exercises

It is useful for all of us, whatever our life experiences, to have access to a range of breathing and grounding exercises that can assist us to settle and calm ourselves, to help anchor us in the present moment.

Living by your values

Our values can act as a kind of reference guide or compass for who we are, how we want to be and where we want to go in life. Our values can shape our life choices and responses to different and difficult situations.

Unhelpful thinking patterns and basic problem solving

Our brain generates thousands of thoughts each day. Some thoughts are really useful, absolute gold, while others are unhelpful and best left to one side. The trick is to learn to see these thoughts for what they are – thoughts only, ideas generated by your mind, and not reality.

Connecting & learning

Our wellbeing is enhanced through engaging in a range of activities, including through connecting and learning. Detailed below is some information and suggestions on enhancing connections and learning in our lives and contributing to overall wellbeing.