Support for supporters

Valuing our support network

You are valued allies in recovery and we recognise that a survivor’s recovery can be greatly assisted by the care and support that they receive from family, friends and other supporters.

SAMSN walks with survivors, their families and supporters, to provide practical and emotional support. Even if you are supporting a male survivor of child sexual abuse, but they aren’t yet ready to reach out, that’s okay, you can! Please feel welcome to contact us for a confidential conversation.

SAMSN offers a range of free services, support, and resources including individual short-term counselling, supporters and survivors workshops, and resources for supporters.

Getting the balance right between understanding and supporting the survivor, whilst attending to your own needs can be challenging. We want to support you in your journey.

SAMSN offers the following services to supporters

Supporters & Survivors Workshops

Workshops are facilitated by SAMSN staff who are both professionals and those with lived experience.

Counselling for supporters

Supporters can access between 6 – 10 sessions of free counselling. Counselling is available via phone, Zoom or face-to-face.

Resource Library

Supporters can also access a comprehensive library of evidence-based supporter resources that are free and helpful.