About Us

Established in 2011, SAMSN is Australia’s leading organisation for male survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters.

Survivors & Mates Support Network was founded in 2011 by a small group of male survivors, who were searching for a support group to meet other male survivors and deal with the effects of child sexual abuse on their lives. Unable to find such a group, they started SAMSN.

Walking alongside professional counsellors with experience in working with male survivors, they commenced an eight-week group program for men. This professionally facilitated peer support group program provided a much-needed safe space for men and was, and is still, in great demand. These groups have provided a place for men to come together to meet other male survivors and find support, understanding and learning about child sexual abuse, its far-reaching impacts, and very importantly what helps in recovery and healing.

Since 2011 SAMSN has run over 90 groups across Sydney, some regional NSW centres, in Adelaide and Canberra.

SAMSN’s growing understanding of these impacts for men, the needs of male survivors, and what helps recovery led to SAMSN establishing ongoing, professionally facilitated monthly meetings in a number of locations so that men have a safe environment to continue to have access to peer support in their recovery journey.

SAMSN recognises that the trauma effects of abuse can make negotiating life’s challenges even more difficult. In 2014 SAMSN was able to employ qualified staff to provide individual planned support to men and their supporters. This support includes working alongside survivors negotiating the criminal justice system or seeking redress or compensation, accessing Centrelink or housing services, or assistance to find a suitable counsellor.

The value of peer support has also been incorporated into our work and in 2023, with funds secured from a private donor and the Commonwealth, SAMSN was able to pilot our Peer Support Phone Line – Talk with a mate who can relate.

We are proud to see the network continue to grow.

Our Purpose

  • Our purpose is to build a support network that gives voice and agency to male survivors and their supporters.
  • We believe male survivors of childhood sexual abuse can recover, support others to thrive and be leaders for change.
  • Our vision is of a world in which male survivors of childhood sexual abuse can easily access support and find understanding and acceptance.

Our Values

  • Hope The courage to believe in what’s possible
  • Dignity We honour each other’s inherent worth
  • Connection Together we achieve
  • Community Engaging the power of networks for growth


Why the Trike?

SAMSN’s trike logo represents a rite of passage for many children.

A trike opens up the world for a young child; you can’t miss their delight when they experience the mobility, speed and freedom. Learning to ride helps to build confidence, safety, independence, and initiative.

Conversely, child sexual abuse takes away the rites of passage that are essential to a child’s development. It robs them of a sense of safety, freedom, and their right to be a child.

The trike reminds us that adult male survivors were once children.  SAMSN walks alongside men and their supporters to restore safety, self-belief, and joy in people’s lives.