Workshops designed for professionals working with male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Working with adult male survivors of child sexual abuse – A one-day workshop

These one day workshops are designed for community organisations and services that provide support to adult male survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA). Combining both professional and lived experience input, these workshops explore: 

  • Developing a trauma informed response to support male survivors and their loved ones 
  • Understanding the dynamics of CSA and its impacts on men’s health, relationships, and sense of self.  
  • Factors that hinder and support men’s disclosure and help seeking 
  • Navigating justice, redress, and civil litigation 
  • Prioritising self care and acknowledging resilience 

These workshops are ideal for psychiatrists, general practitioners, psychologists, allied health staff, and anyone supporting or working with adult male survivors of CSA. 


  • Some knowledge and experience in working with men
  • Some knowledge of the impact of child sexual assault on children and adult survivors

Continuing Professional Development:

APS and PACFA members can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by participating in activities that they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. The SAMSN Service Providers Workshop is an AASW endorsed CPD event and provides members with four CPD hours.

Service Provider Workshops

Dates & Locations 2024

Thursday August 8


Wednesday June 26


This workshop is closed

Thursday June 27


This workshop is closed

A vital workshop that has extended my knowledge of the survivors experiences of the legal system and counselling services. Personal stories from founders and ongoing questions and answers.


I am most impressed with the people and the organisation speakers were well prepared and really know their subject area and I was impressed with the gentle pastoral care of the presenter who gently approached when I took refuge in a corner several times during the course of the day.


Being more informed, reaffirming some of the things I do and feeling I am on the right path with the client. I liked all of the information and hearing true male life stories it lets me know there is hope for survivors and most definitely given our lack of justice in the legal system I see SAMSN being a voice for those who don’t have a voice.


Reinforced prior learning in a new engaging way, great presentation style.Thank you SAMSN did not know such a group existed.


The openness of the presenters and the content was great. Presented in a very safe environment for everyone in the room to talk freely.


Meeting and hearing other survivors stories, knowing they feel the same and that we are not alone. I got a lot out of this workshop, thank you for your time and support.


Information on how to best support male victims of sexual assault, discussing referral process, reminder of trauma informed care and encouragement to “ask the question”