SAMSN Counselling for supporters

SAMSN acknowledges the importance of looking after yourself whilst supporting a survivor on their journey of healing and recovery. SAMSN Counselling provides a safe and confidential space for you to gain emotional support, practical guidance, and coping strategies during this time.

SAMSN has male and female specialist trauma-informed counsellors who can provide short term counselling and assist survivors and their supporters to access longer term counselling if needed.

Supporters can access between 6 – 10 sessions of free counselling. Counselling is available via phone, Zoom or face-to-face at SAMSN offices in Parramatta – whichever is the most convenient and accessible method for you.

Know you are not alone in the journey supporting the survivor in your life.

To find out more, please contact SAMSN for a confidential chat, on (02) 8355 3711 or via our Contact Us form.