Supporters & Survivors Workshop

Supporters & Survivors Workshops
Supporting male survivors: A workshop for supporters, survivors, family & friends

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SAMSN is committed to supporting men who were sexually abused when they were children or young people. As part of this commitment, SAMSN conducts workshops to support the partners, family members and friends of men recovering from abuse. These workshops are designed to support both supporters and male survivors.

“Why didn’t he tell me?”
“My partner is struggling with memories of being abused as a child. How can I help him?”
“An old friend has just told me he was sexually abused when he was a child. What should I say to him?”
“I think my brother was abused when he was kid. Can I ask him if he was?”
“I have just found out my son has been sexually abused. What should I do?”
“The abuse has had a big impact on my relationships with my partner and kids – who can we talk to that understands?”
“I feel I need support sometimes too…”
“I want to learn more about child sexual abuse from others who ‘get it’.”
“I want to see what SAMSN offers.”

This workshop will provide an opportunity to address these questions and others raised by attendees. These workshops are interactive with time to make comments and ask questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is not appropriate for people working with survivors in any professional capacity (ie: lawyers, psychologists, nurses etc). If you are a service provider or health professional, please check out our Service Providers Workshop page or contact us for more information and to discuss your training needs.

Presenters: Julie Blyth, Raelene Boxwell & Craig Hughes-Cashmore

Cost: FREE for all participants.

Session Times:
Welcome & Registration from 9am
Tea & Coffee supplied

Part 1: 9.30am
• Understanding the dynamics, impacts & ripple effects child sexual abuse
• What assists in recovery & healing?
• The SAMSN journey and learnings about supporting survivors

Morning tea 11am

Part 2: 11.20am
• Exploring the needs of survivors & supporters
• In this session, the group separates into supporters and survivors and are led in a discussion about each groups’ needs, what’s been helpful and unhelpful

Lunch 12.45pm

Part 3: 1.15pm
• Bringing it all together – responding to the needs of survivors & supporters
• The facilitators provide feedback about the main themes that came out of the group discussions

Close: 2.30pm

In keeping with SAMSN’s focus on safety and care, people are welcome to stay back after the workshop for a chat with the presenters, SAMSN staff members and other participants.

Cost: The Supporters & Survivors Workshop is FREE for all participants.

Dates and locations 2019:

Camperdown – 27th July (Sat)
Newcastle – 10th Aug (Sat)
Parramatta – 7th Sep (Sat)
Camperdown – 26th Oct (Sat)
Adelaide – 16th Nov (Sat)
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“It was a great experience and I would like to attend with my partner next time.”

“Thank you for a great day. Hopefully the man I am supporting will come along next time.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was very helpful to listen to other people’s experiences.”

“Loved it! For the first time we were amongst people who just ‘know’.”

“The compassion and empathy that I have experienced today has restored faith in myself that there is healing on my horizon.”

“Very practical and productive. Has helped unpack the enormity of impact on my brother’s life.”

“I loved the down to earth, honesty and the sense of being comfortable so easily. I loved that survivors also attended today and shared through separate groups.”

“You saved my life.”

“This was one of the most liberating days of my life. I walked in heavy and left light.”

“I was very impressed with the gentle pastoral care of the presenters who gently approached me when I took refuge in a corner!”

“It was a really supportive, helpful, respectful environment and really informative.”

“Brilliant, caring presenters. Helped me develop a better understanding of child sexual abuse impacts and how we can better support our son.”

“Really important that both survivors and supporters have an opportunity to be together and share experiences.”

“I can’t thank you guys enough. Couldn’t fault venue, facilities, booking in, presenters, material.”

“I attended as a spouse of a survivor and found the workshop well planned and presented – very comprehensive.”

“Excellent presentation – it was focused on ‘real’ issues.”

“Well-presented, informative and it definitely has, and will help further my recovery.”

“It was really great that all support groups present were acknowledged and welcomed to advertise themselves here. It showed a real genuineness of care for the survivor.”

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