Recovery & Healing

We understand the struggles male survivors face

Many survivors experience similar impacts from the abuse. These can include anxiety, depression, suicidality, feelings of worthlessness, shame, anger and self-blame as well as struggles with trust, intimacy and other relationship problems, identity issues and addictions and clashes with authorities. Male survivors also face some unique impacts. Some of these arise from the expectations about men in our society.

We believe that your survival is testament to your resilience

  • We provide connections with others who have walked a similar path and focus on the way forward to recovery and growth.
  • We provide individual support to you and your family and supporters.
  • SAMSN’s Eight-week Support Groups, led by male facilitators with professional training, have a trauma informed approach that prioritises your safety and focuses on recovery and healing.
  • SAMSN’s Monthly Meetings provide a forum for connections and conversations about recovery, and opportunities for learning from each other.

We recognise the additional issues for more marginalised groups of men

Men who are not from the dominant white, male culture face additional challenges of stereotyping in relation to their identity as men. This includes Aboriginal men, those from culturally diverse backgrounds, prisoners, men from rural and remote areas, men in the military, men with disabilities, men from the LGBTQI communities and older men. These men experience additional layers of discrimination, shame, isolation and have often have less access to support.

We are building a network of survivors who are finding their pathways to recovery & healing

Despite the impacts of the abuse and the additional societal challenges, boys and men find ways to survive and manage these many challenges. You are a survivor.

Some of the things we know can build a strong and healthy sense of self are:

  • Knowledge – getting some facts and information about abuse, about emotions, about impacts and services available
  • Safety – within yourself, safe in your key relationships, and a safe place
  • Self-acceptance – realization that the abuse doesn’t define you, and accepting that others believe that too
  • Commonality – that you can find others who understand, knowing you are not alone
  • Control – you can make decisions, choices, and that things can change
  • Hope – for justice, a desire for change, finding a way to turn this into something that gives back

Ready to begin?

SAMSN offers a number of services. We look forward to helping you through your journey of recovery.

Individual support & counselling

Eight-week SUPPORT groups

Monthly drop-in meetings

What Our Participants Say


“From the talkative ones, to the quiet ones, all equals – all in a safe place. These are my true family. My thanks to SAMSN for replacing what I lost.”


“The meetings with other survivors are great as I feel I can share private thoughts of pain, feelings of isolation, and feelings of hope, as I know members will not judge me and always offer encouragement for the future. Fellow members are men I know I can trust and not just tell me to get over it. I always leave the meetings feeling a greater sense of well-being and hope for a more positive future.”

Mark B

“I had not told anyone for 50 years. I opened up to a friend. She done research and found SAMSN she got me into their eight-week course. I was so surprised to no I was not alone .it has supported me in many ways I still attend monthly meetings an r so grateful that I found this group. As I was in a very dark place.”


“For me the eight-week group was about dealing with the past. The monthly meeting is about dealing with now and living a better life. The eight-week group showed me how to reach up for help. The monthly meeting helps me to reach out and learn from others. The eight-week group put my feet on the road to a better life. The monthly group keeps them there.”

Need help right away?

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Lifeline Australia provides 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services.

CALL 1800 657 380

Blue Knot Foundation Helpline operates 9 am to 6pm, Mon – Fri and 9 am to 5pm, Sat-Sun & Public Holidays

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