5.1 ‘ Better Get A Lawyer, Son’ - Justice Part 1

About This Episode

Child sexual abuse is a crime. What does criminal justice and punishment look like in the legal system? What is it like for survivors – or in this context, “victims” – to pursue criminal justice for the sexual crimes perpetrated against them?

The findings of the Royal Commission’s public hearing into the Criminal Justice System revealed confronting and problematic issues for survivors in accessing justice. Sometimes a personal sense of crime and punishment just doesn’t line up with the complexities, biases and pitfalls of the criminal legal system, leaving both victims and the public with the sickening impression that perpetrators “get away with it”. The necessity for changes to both reporting and prosecution which better serve the victims has now been acknowledged; we’ll hear from survivors and advocates about the way forward, and what needs to change.

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Jarad G, Mark C, Craig Hughes-Cashmore (SAMSN CEO), Dr Judy Cashmore, Adam W, Professor Patrick O’Leary, Professor Rita Shackel & Formal Royal Commissioner & SAMSN Patron Robert Fitzgerald AM.

Resources for Survivors:

Useful resources for survivors of male childhood sexual abuse can be found here.

Mentioned in the episode: Caroline Taylor’s book ‘Surviving the Legal System’


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CRAIG / OPENER – The Brilliance: Violent Loving
MARK – J Scott Rakozy: Memories Adrift
CLOSING CREDITS – Seth Öphengon: A Safe Place (Instrumental)


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