4 ‘Real Men’ - Masculinity

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The gender myths surrounding masculinity are often an obstacle to recovery for male survivors of child sexual abuse. Our society presents us with repetitive reinforcements of how men are supposed to look and act, especially with regard to emotional range and sexual intimacy. Those who don’t fit the prevailing stereotypes for ‘white male privilege’ often face additional challenges. Men from First Nations, culturally diverse, or  LGBTQI communities, men with disabilities and older men report that they often face additional discrimination and prejudice on top of the burdens of not conforming to dominant expectations about masculinity.

Strong messages like ‘don’t be a victim, be strong, don’t show emotion, harden up, you should have been able to fight it off, boys don’t cry…’ are still alive and well. What did survivors of child sexual abuse learn about masculinity myths that enabled them to unlock a new way of looking at life, manhood and themselves?

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Mark W, Shane Greentree, Formal Royal Commissioner & SAMSN Patron Robert Fitzgerald AM, Pete R, Phillip S, Professor Patrick O’Leary, Dr Judy Cashmore, Les S, Matthew O, Jarad G & Lindsay G.


Resources for Survivors:

Useful resources for survivors of male childhood sexual abuse can be found here.


Thanks to:

Joe Jackson and Maine Road Management for permission to quote the lyrics from Joe’s song ‘Real Men’.



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OPENING / MARK W – Julep House: Mentoring
LES – Ardie Son: Folklore
LINDSAY – Seth Öphengon: Waking Life
CLOSING CREDITS – Seth Öphengon: A Safe Place (Instrumental)


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