2 ‘Silent All These Years’ - Disclosure

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On average, it takes 25.7 years for males to disclose their experience of childhood sexual abuse.


Evidence shows that males are less likely than females to tell someone what happened and seek help. They often try to block the feelings (like fear and shame) resulting from the abuse, and cope  by isolating themselves from others, or self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Very few have ever met another guy who has experienced child sexual abuse.

What is it like to tell someone about your experience of childhood sexual abuse? What sort of journey towards healing and justice starts when you are finally able to verbalise what happened? What do the signs of distress look like for male survivors, and if someone does disclose, how should you respond? 

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Martin W, Formal Royal Commissioner & SAMSN Patron Robert Fitzgerald AM, Les S, Lindsay G, Shane Greentree, Jarad G, Raelene Boxwell, Professor Rita Shackel, Matthew O, Professor Patrick O’Leary, Dr Judy Cashmore, Ryan C & Tony D.


Resources for Survivors:

Useful resources for survivors of male childhood sexual abuse can be found here.



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OPENING / MARTIN – Luis Berra: Dancing Michelangelo (Instrumental)

CLOSING CREDITS – Seth Öphengon: A Safe Place (Instrumental)


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