Eight-week groups for men

Eight-week facilitated support group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

SAMSN runs groups for men who were sexually assaulted as young boys or adolescents. The groups run for eight weeks and are held on weeknights from 6pm to 8pm. Any male who was sexually assaulted during his childhood can contact SAMSN about joining one of our groups, and there is no cost to attend.

SAMSN’s groups are conducted within a safe peer-support environment and are facilitated by two experienced professionals. To help create a safe environment for recovery, clear rules and guidelines for the group ensure appropriate conduct and confidentiality.

All men who have registered their interest to attend are required to undergo a detailed telephone assessment with one of the group facilitators.

As acceptance is an important feature of our joint recovery, the groups are open to men from different cultural and religious backgrounds and sexual orientation who are over the age of 18 years old.

Each week topics and issues commonly faced by male survivors are discussed. Weekly readings, written by SAMSN’s Advisory Board Chairman, psychologist Mark Griffiths, are provided for discussion. These readings are also available as audio files.

The 8 weeks are divided into two parts:

Weeks 1 to 4 – Childhood. We discuss how sexual abuse can affect a child and examine issues such as family of origin, disclosure and grooming.

Weeks 5 to 8 – Adulthood. We look at how sexual abuse can affect men. This includes the way they think about themselves, the emotional impacts and the effects on their relationships.

We understand that abuse experiences can vary and that no two stories are the same. The sex of the abuser, the number of perpetrators, whether the perpetrator was within or outside the family or whether there was violence, are just some of the key differences that survivors report.

SAMSN’s eight-week content and format are based on groups run by Mark Griffiths and SAMSN’s Principal Social Worker, Tony Phiskie, at the Sexual Assault Service, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Mark and Tony continue to be involved in the delivery of these groups.

Monthly Groups
Men who complete an eight-week group are automatically regarded as SAMSN members. Members can attend any of SAMSN’s monthly drop-in meetings held at various locations. These two hour meetings are free and a great opportunity to stay connected to SAMSN’s growing network.

Dates & Locations 2018:

    – Feb 14 to Apr 04 (Wed)
    – May 02 to Jun 20 (Wed)
    – Oct 17 to Dec 05 (Wed)

    – Jul 25 to Sep 12 (Wed)

    – Jun 05 to Jul 24 (Tue)

    – Jun 27 to Aug 15 (Wed)

    – Mar 13 to May 01 (Tue)
    – Sep 25 to Nov 13 (Tue)

    – May 09 to Jun 27 (Wed)
    – Oct 24 to Dec 12 (Wed)

    – Mar 07 to Apr 25 (Wed)
    – Oct 18 to Dec 06 (Thu)

Cost: FREE

Session times: All session times are from 6pm until 8pm.

To receive detailed information – or to register your interest to attend a SAMSN Eight-week group – click on the button below:


“I am less reserved, less angry and high strung. This group has saved my life. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, I owe you everything and more.”
Scott – 30yrs

“At the first night of my first SAMSN group even before a single word was spoken, I knew that here were 9 men who understood more about me than all my psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, and even my wife.”
Stuart – 59yrs

“I thought I was the only one going through it. The group made me realise I’m not alone and it’s okay to ask for help.”
Carl – 27yrs

“I wish I had known about this group years ago. It has lifted me out of a very dark place, I no longer feel isolated and alone.”
Joe – 29yrs

“The group helped me break feelings of isolation and gave me a sense of belonging. It’s given me confidence and hope of a better future.”
Al – 55yrs

“Prior to the group I did not want to live, at this point I can say it saved my life. I now want to live and be able to thrive in life having the courage to face my issues and fears.”
Greg – 48yrs

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