FAQs for Supporters

What does SAMSN provide?
What can I expect at a Supporters & Survivors Workshop?

• The SAMSN Supporters and Survivors’ workshops are held over one full day and will provide you and your loved-ones, family members with an opportunity to meet with others to explore issues you face in dealing with the ripple effects of child sexual abuse. Facilitated by SAMSN staff, the workshop will also provide you with tools and strategies for supporting each other in the future, with professional & lived experience. You are also welcome to attend on our own if you prefer.

Can I refer a friend/family member who is a survivor to SAMSN?

• Yes you can refer a friend or family member to our services
• SAMSN will be happy to talk to you directly, regardless of whether your friend or family member is ready for support
• We can talk to you about options for yourself and the person you are supporting
• SAMSN encourages survivors to reach out and have a chat with our team.

Does SAMSN provide one on one counselling for supporters?

• SAMSN does have a qualified counsellor who can provide short-term counselling for supporters
• We can also discuss options for ongoing supports and referrals if needed.

Do you offer online support?

• Yes. At SAMSN we aim to provide as much choice as possible and this includes how you access support. Support is available to be accessed online in addition to the traditional options of face-to-face, by phone and over email. Our team are happy to talk through these options with you and provide assistance with accessing our online platforms.

How much does it cost to access SAMSN services?

SAMSN services are FREE for all male survivors and their supporters.

Will SAMSN share my information with other people or services?

• Keeping your information confidential is a high priority.

• Generally you can expect – your information will only be shared with other people or organisations with your consent.
You can ask SAMSN to share your information with another person or organisation. Before SAMSN shares your information with another person or organisation, you will be asked to sign a consent (called an Authority to Act) to share your information.

• Sometimes – the law will require SAMSN to provide your information to another person or organisation. This may occur when SAMSN receives for example, a Subpoena or Court Order to provide that information.

SAMSN will be required to share your information with other people or organisations, if there is a current and serious risk of harm to your or others.

When SAMSN is required to share your information, wherever possible you will be notified first.

SAMSN’s privacy policy is on our website and can be found by following this link

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SAMSN acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and work. We pay our respect to Past, Present and Future Elders.

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