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SAMSN Alumni Forum – Terms & Conditions

A Few SuggestionsFor A Safe Experience

  • As an online community, we highly value everyone’s contributions. Freedom of speech is encouraged, however, there are some essential guidelines we have developed to keep this space safe, respectful, and welcoming. Many of the rules below are like those outlined in our monthly meetings.
  • Please share content that is relevant to your recovery. Share what has or has not been of benefit to you whilst being mindful to take responsibility for your contributions and use “I” language. Please avoid offering advice or making assumptions about other men’s recovery, as this can be triggering and create disharmony within the Forum.
  • Participants understand and accept diversity within the online community and hence are against discrimination on any groundsincluding; race, cultural background, religion, sexual preference, social background, disability or gender identity.
  • Please feel free to share and discuss news articles or resources that are relevant to recovery, if they are in the public domain.

Forum Guidelines

  • For legal reasons, please ensure that the confidentiality and anonymity of other participants is maintained. Please do not use identifying information of such person(s) outside of the forum, this includes but is not limited to other people’s names who have or may been abused that are not a part of the forum. There is a risk that should a future court case transpire it could be claimed that witnesses (participants within the forum) have communicated and colluded about such matters.
  • To adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of other participants, no other person should be with you when you are logged into the forum and your login and password must not be shared.
  • Any man who as an adult has sexually abused a child or young person cannot participate in the forum. Abuse includes creating, collecting, or accessing child abuse material, including internet collation.
  • Repeatedly posting information that expresses explicit content, abuse and or is threatening towards others, will be deemed as unacceptable. The moderator will notify the General Manager and at the discretion of the General Manager a suspension from the forum may transpire.
  • Under no circumstances should any content in the forum be recorded or stored in any way. This includes either on the device you are accessing the forum or taking photos/screenshots of the forum screen.
  • Language can be triggering or elicit a trauma response, so out of respect for ourselves and other participants please:
    • Please do not submit content that contains graphic, specific details, or any other account, both past and present, of:
      • Sexual and/or any other types of abuse
      • Extreme negative ideations or thoughts
  • Please avoid remarks that could be considered defamatory or that might break the law inany way (including naming perpetrators).
  • Do not submit any advertising material or content with the intention to sell any items of any kind.
  • Avoid criticism of service providers.
  • Only submit information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.
  • Report posts you think that are inappropriate or breach these terms & conditions.
  • Please notify one of your peers, participants and or moderator if you are concerned about the welfare of other individuals engaged in the forum.
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