SAMSN’S inaugural fundraiser was in conjuction with The Wayside Chapel in August 2011. ‘Stories from the Wayside’ was written verbatim based on interviews with eight people who help form the heart of The Wayside. This unique theatrical experience provided first-hand accounts of life inside and around The Wayside Chapel. ABC TV news story about the show:

More about the show:
Director: Dean Carey
Producer: Angus Anderson
Cast: Angus Anderson, Gustavo Barbosa, Hamish Briggs, Nikki Britton, Paul Hooper, Graeme McCrae, Suzanne Pereira & Eloise Snape.

SAMSN would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Graham and the staff of The Wayside, Gus, Dean and the cast for their support and encouragement.

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