Planned Support & Counselling

Supporting a Male Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

Finding the right kind of help and support, from people who understand the personal struggles you face, is critical. SAMSN walks with survivors, their families and supporters, to provide practical and emotional support.

If you are supporting a male survivor of child sexual abuse, but they aren’t yet ready to reach out, that’s okay, you can! Please feel welcome to contact us for a confidential conversation.

SAMSN recognises that a survivor’s recovery can be greatly assisted by the support they have from family, friends and other supporters. Getting the balance right between understanding and supporting the survivor, whilst attending to your own needs can be challenging.

Individual Support & Counselling

Provides individual support to supporters as they travel this journey with survivors, whether or not the survivor is engaged with SAMSN.

The Planned Support team at SAMSN provides a trauma-informed approach to working with survivors and their supporters. We understand the value of having someone to talk with who understands the varied impacts of the abuse and its effects on relationships and assisting in finding a way to negotiate this.

This support can be face to face at SAMSN’s office or over the phone. Support to access services such as relationship counselling or dealing with issues such as housing, finance, seeking justice or finding support during difficult times are all part of the services we offer. We also offer short term counselling.

Please note that all of our services are provided free of charge, to supporters & survivors.

Survivors & Supporters Workshops

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“I just want to say how important it was for both myself and my partner to find SAMSN online just after my partner revealed his memories of childhood abuse. It was a difficult and bewildering time for us and to know SAMSN was there for support was invaluable. I also forgot to mention earlier in the survey that I attended a Supporters Workshop last year. Thank you for all the support you provide.”


“In my experience, SAMSN has been easily accessible, with welcoming voices on the other end of the phone or approachable staff in person. I believe the people behind SAMSN and their employees are truly committed to helping survivors and their families. I am grateful for the service and would recommend to those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, their friends and family. More people need to be aware of this organisation and the incredible services they offer.”


SAMSN Counsellor

“I hold dear the idea that every person has the right to safety (physical and emotional), to justice and to dignity and to feel whole. It is a privilege and honour to walk alongside someone, who has been burdened by the violence done to them, as they find safety and challenge previously held views about themselves and their relationships.”

SAMSN acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and work. We pay our respect to Past, Present and Future Elders.

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