More comments from SAMSN eight-week group participants:

“I found further ways of coping, to re-commit to healing and not to remain paralysed … the healing that can occur can turn lives around. Recovery from sexual abuse can’t be done alone.”
Michael, 54

“I feel more supported, more self-aware, like I have more tools to tackle the challenges I face as a result of being sexually abused when I was a boy. It’s immensely helpful to spend time in the company of others who understand me.”
Ben, 34

“The group has empowered me … It’s given me a glimmer of hope to be happy/balanced in the future. I am not alone.”
Ashley, 42

“Thank you. It’s been an amazing and wonderful opportunity. Very challenging, in a good way. The opportunity to tell my story and to hear others’ stories is transforming.”
Stephen, 44

“Sharing the group experience was most useful. Not (being) isolated, not feeling guilty. I am OK with my past, but I am looking forward to a new future.”
Rudi, 63

“I think it is already subtly changing me. There are big inroads being made in being proud of myself, not ashamed and having something called self-confidence, but I know it’s in small steps.”
Stuart, 38

“My anger is now directed outwards at the man who abused me instead of at myself. I can now see how the abuse has affected me, I have stopped abusing myself! I have the courage to tell people I am a survivor.”
Mark, 40

“Hearing other people’s stories, the similarity of emotions and effects … It has made me realise that my feelings are normal after what I have been through. It has given me more confidence. I highly recommend it.”
Talal, 36

“Just knowing that I am not alone, that other guys have gone through what I have and can understand how I feel is so powerful! I only met these guys eight weeks ago, but we have known each other all of our lives.”
Stu, 51

“This has helped me heal a very difficult, complex wound that I have carried since childhood. It has given me the opportunity to look at something I have kept pretty much to myself and has helped me to heal.”
Jonno, 40