Our Vision, Mission & History


We believe male survivors can recover from child sexual abuse, support others to thrive and be leaders for change.


A world in which male survivors struggling with the adverse effects of childhood sexual abuse can easily access support and find understanding and acceptance.


Our mission is to build a support network that gives voice and agency to male survivors and their supporters.


SAMSN was formed in 2010 by a small group of male survivors of child sexual assault who, when they couldn’t find a support group, decided to start their own.

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SAMSN is a not-for-profit organisation that is not affiliated with any religious organisation.

“Childhood sexual abuse has been an issue that my wife and I have been dealing with over many years since I disclosed the events of my childhood to her. After stumbling across the SAMSN organisation I attended the 8 week group counselling sessions – and the difference to me, my relationship with my wife and children has been extraordinary – a massive burden has been lifted from my life which has been a great difficulty in my life since a priest started abusing me from about the age of 12.

The topics and the group discussion in the 8 week counselling sessions were truly life changing and the power that these sessions have given me to drive my own life into the future is just one of many powerful outcomes for me. The collective wisdom of the group participants is such a special thing that I underestimated going into the program.

Once again – I give thanks to you for touching part of my life and the lives of my family in such a positive way.”
Matt – November, 2014

“It’s put me on the next rung of the pathway to recovery – the ripple effects towards healing from the group out into my family and connections”.
Kevin – 41yrs

“The group has been an amazing experience”.
Rob – 28yrs